Završne riječi na suđenju Ratku Mladiću
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Završne riječi na suđenju Ratku Mladiću

Nakon četiri godine u toku iznošenje završnih riječi na suđenju Ratku Mladiću, bivšem komandantu Vojske Republike Srpske (VRS) koji je optužen za genocid u Srebrenici, progon Hrvata i Bošnjaka, teroriziranje građana Sarajeva i uzimanje pripadnika UNPROFOR-a za taoce.

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11 Dec 18

Albanian Protests Channel Wider Anger With Rama Govt

Behind the protests in Albania over rises in tuition fees, a deeper disappointment with a Socialist government that many say favours the rich seems to be emerging.

11 Dec 18

Copying Cleopatra: The Cigarette ‘Made in Egypt’, via Montenegro

For four years, officials in Cairo, London and Brussels rang alarm bells over the production of billions of cigarettes bearing the name of Egypt’s most popular brand at a state-run factory in Montenegro and, they believed, smuggled across North Africa from lawless Libya. Montenegro, despite negotiating to join the European Union, ignored them.