Posljednji dan iznošenja završnih riječi
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Posljednji dan iznošenja završnih riječi

Nakon što je Tužilaštvo u Haagu zatražilo doživotni zatvor a Odbrana Ratka Mladića oslobađajuću presudu iznose se replike. Mladić je optužen za genocid i druge zločine počinjene u BiH.

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21 Aug 18

EU Won’t Be Swayed By US On Kosovo – German MP

Speculation is rife that the US may accept partition as a solution to the Kosovo conundrum, but a lawmaker in Germany’s ruling coalition says the EU will make up its own mind.

20 Aug 18

Gorge on the Wonders of the Djerdap

From fine food to ancient forts, stunning river gorges and mysterious Roman remains, the Djerdap National Park, a two-hour drive from Belgrade, has something for everyone.

17 Aug 18

Belgrade, By Sailboat and Paddleboard

15 Aug 18

For Serbian Journalists, Obedience is the Norm