The Balkans Today: 23rd - 27th January 2017
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The Balkans Today: 23rd - 27th January 2017

  • Serbia's mission to the UN in New York, with assistance from the Serbian and Jewish academic societies as well as Bosnian film director Emir Kusturica and Israeli Holocaust expert Gideon Greif, are organising an exhibition in the US state of New Jersey to mark the 75th anniversary of the opening of Jasenovac concentration camp in central Croatia.

    The exhibition will be open from Thursday to Monday, during which time Serbia's mission to the UN has also organised for numerous memorial ceremonies for the victims of the camp to take place. 

    According to research by the Jasenovac Memorial Site, 83,145 Serbs, Jews, Roma and anti-fascists have been identified on a name-by-name list as having died at the concentration camp ran by the Croatian fascist Ustasa movement during the war, a figure which is not yet final.​
    The Jasenovac memorial. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Modzzak
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