The Balkans Today: 23rd - 30th May 2016
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The Balkans Today: 23rd - 30th May 2016

  • An eye witness to the nocturnal demolitions in the proposed Belgrade Waterfront area in the Serbian capital died on Tuesday at the city's Military Medical Academy, VMA.

    According to media reports, Slobodan Tanaskovic had been hospitalised because of a heart condition, but was later treated for problems with his digestive system. The cause of death has not been released.

    On Wednesday, Rodoljub Sabic, Serbia's Commissioner for Information of Public Interest, wrote on his blog that he had disturbing information that Tanaskovic had been restrained in his hospital bed because of alleged “mental problems”.

    During the demolitions, which were conducted by around 30 masked men in Belgrade's riverside Savamala district on the night of April 24, Tanaskovic was tied up and his mobile phone and ID card were taken away.

    There is no known connection between the incident in Savamala and his death.
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