The Balkans Today: 24th - 28th July 2017
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Up to the minute news and updates from the Balkan region

The Balkans Today: 24th - 28th July 2017

Our team brings you live updates of the most important events and developments in the Balkans as they happen.

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25 May 18

Bosnian Parents Mourn Child Victims of Tuzla Massacre

The massacre of 71 young people in Tuzla on May 25, 1995 was one of the most deadly crimes against civilians of the Bosnian war - but the only person to be convicted is still free.

24 May 18

Survivors Recall ‘Horror Movie’ Massacre at Kosovo Prison

Nineteen years ago, as NATO bombed Yugoslavia, Serbian forces lined up ethnic Albanian prisoners at Kosovo’s Dubrava jail and killed scores of them with guns and grenades - but no one has ever been prosecuted.

24 May 18

In Pictures: Ohrid, Home of Cyrillic

21 May 18

Dodon Pulls Moldova Closer To Russian-led Bloc