The Balkans Today: 24th - 28th July 2017
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The Balkans Today

Up to the minute news and updates from the Balkan region

The Balkans Today: 24th - 28th July 2017

Our team brings you live updates of the most important events and developments in the Balkans as they happen.

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22 Mar 18

NATO’s Kosovo Campaign: The Survivors’ Stories

Nineteen years after NATO launched air strikes to end the Kosovo war, a Kosovo Albanian recalls how he escaped a massacre but missed the victory celebrations, while a Serb remembers the bitterness of defeat.

21 Mar 18

China's Balkan ‘Gifts’ Come With Strings Attached

China is promising investment all over the Balkan region – but while Chinese money seems easier to obtain than that from the EU, experts warn that such projects might come at a price.